Wed 21 Apr 2021

Better late than never, we thought we should celebrate that our office has been open for 30 years.  The anniversary was actually September 2020, but it was rather a difficult year for everyone, so we thought not really appropriate then.

The business was started by Paul Watts in 1990, and is now owned and managed by Margaret Annable, who has been here for most of the 30 years.  The agency was set up with the intention of offering a more individual service to home sellers and buyers, based on many years experience of the property world and the local area.

Our ethos remains the same today, and it is gratifying to think back on the huge amount of clients and friends we have made in the 30 years.  We like to think our office on the corner of Charminster Road and Firbank Road is a 'local shop' type of estate agency, an important part of the local scene.

We take the word 'local' very seriously, and feel very much part of our local community.  In the past Margaret was very involved in the Charminster Traders Association, including being chair for two years.  We like to pass on knowledge and information we have gained over the years, together with what is happening now, via social media, including trying to help reunite missing pets - unfortunately not an uncommon problem after a home move.

One thing that differentiates us from a lot of other agents is that we only deal with sales, not rentals, and we do not take referral fees from other organisations.  We are happy to recommend various people and companies if asked, but only on the basis that we know them to offer very good service, not based on how much they will pay us for the recommendation.  Margaret's 'little black book' has helped many of our clients over the years!

We look forward to continuing the business, and as always would be happy to hear from any prospective home sellers and buyers, in person at the office, via telephone, via email or social media.