Mon 17 Nov 2014

With adaptable accommodation, a chalet bungalow can truly be said to offer the best of both worlds.

A typical chalet bungalow is ideal for anyone looking for a property with bedrooms over 2 floors, thus offering the prospect of bungalow living, but with upstairs bedrooms to use now or for visitors - perhaps when the grandchildren come over to stay?  Perhaps you would like a hobbies room, a separate dining room or study, or just more accessible storage?  All are possible with a chalet bungalow.

If the property is on a level plot with a good size garden, then even better.  With a garage but close to shops and buses is also very handy.

All those features can be found with a chalet bungalow we are currently offering for sale that is located on the corner of Littlecroft Avenue and Castle Lane West.  This spacious home has 2 first floor bedrooms, together with two on the ground floor, together with shower room and bathroom.  There's a lounge/dining room and kitchen/breakfast room too.

Whilst some finishing touches are needed, the majority of work has been done in providing a roof conversion here, so there is some scope to put your own stamp on it.

More details can be found here or why not call us on 01202 524252 to discuss whether this property would be suitable for you?