Probate Sales

Mon 30 Sep 2019


We have been asked to handle the sale of several properties recently where we are instructed by the executors of a deceased person’s estate.


Whilst naturally many factors about any house sale remain the same whatever the circumstances, we feel that this type of sale does involve a few more aspects.


We pride ourselves on our sensitive approach to any of our clients, but that is even more important with this type of sale, as any family members concerned will naturally be sad about the circumstances.  We also feel quite strongly that it is our duty to the late owner to do the very best we can to achieve a good price for what can be their last and main asset.


Any such sale can only be concluded when a Grant of Probate has been received, but whilst applications seem to be taking longer at present, we can start marketing the property before the grant is received, as long as any prospective buyers are aware that a very quick purchase may not be possible.   We can provide a valuation for the probate process free of charge if we are to be instructed to sell a property.


Where a property is empty and there are no family members living locally, we are happy to make regular inspections, which may be required by an insurance company.  We can also advise on any special arrangements, especially in the colder weather when it may be a good idea to either keep the heating on, or switch everything off and drain the property of any water to avoid freezing and then pipes bursting.


As far as presentation of the property is concerned, ideally we prefer some furniture to remain as it looks so much better when we take photos, and helps prospective buyers plan how their own furniture, etc. will fit in.  However, we can assist in due course with disposing of the contents, perhaps to auction, to local charities or with a clearance company.  It is better if the garden can be kept neat and tidy, and we can recommend local gardeners if required.


Although the property may be vacant, all viewings would be accompanied by a member of staff.  Even if we hold an Open House viewing session, we still prefer individual appointments so that due attention can be give to each applicant.


Our team has had many years of experience in dealing with Probate Sales, and we are here to help whenever you need us.