Thu 07 Dec 2017

Whilst everyone is rushing around buying presents, decorating the house and planning all the festivities, we appreciate that thinking of a home move is not top of the agenda.   However, the period between Christmas and New Year is known as a very busy time for online activity, not just for shopping for bargains, but also for browsing the property market.

Many people have leisure time to start thinking about plans for the New Year, and that may well include considering moving home, so its a good idea to be 'on the radar' when they are browsing. 

With that in mind, we are running our Shush - Do Not Disturb Promotion.  We are currently taking on properties on a low profile basis, with no online listing or advertising.   We take the photos, prepare the brochure for your approval, ready to launch the property over the holiday.

There are still a few people looking around now though, and we are happy to carry out viewings, but won't be marketing fully until after Boxing Day.