Wed 04 Nov 2015

There is a lot more involved in selling a property than just carrying out viewings and negotiating offers!

We always try and ease the path for our property sellers, especially when they do not live locally and are having to deal with the upset of the loss of a loved one as well as disposing of their former home.  Typically this can involve arranging for a charity to visit the property to take away some of the better quality contents, arranging and meeting an auctioneer to sell more valuable items, and then perhaps arranging for other items to be cleared away.  After that we can arrange for the property to be cleaned before putting it on the market, perhaps with a specialist carpet cleaner arranged as well.

It is often a condition of the insurance of an empty property that regular visits are made, and we can take care of that too, and check all is well.  As winter approaches, it may be necessary to either arrange for the heating to be put on, or in some cases for the water supply to the property to be turned off and systems drained down, to avoid the risk of pipes freezing in a sudden cold snap.  When selling a property, it is preferable to keep the heating on in the winter months, but that is not always possible or sensible, especially if the heating system is old or inadequate.

If we are dealing with the sale of a vacant property for you, you can hand the keys over to us confident that we are prepared to do all that is necessary to make the procedure as smooth as possible.