Tue 23 Jan 2018


A group of committed and enthusiastic local residents and people who work in the area have set up the Queen’s Park Ward Area Neighbourhood Forum and applied to Bournemouth Council to be formally designated as a Neighbourhood Forum for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

As local estate agents, we are very involved with the local area and are pleased to be involved in discussions about this.  Margaret attended one of the meetings held at the Woodpecker Café.

If you want to get involved, you can visit www.queenspark.org.uk    facebook.com/QueensParkForum or email QueensParkForum@hotmail.com

Bournemouth Council is now seeking views and comments on the application from residents and other interested stakeholders, such as ourselves.  All the relevant information is available online at www.bournemouth.gov.uk/queens-park

The deadline for comments is 5th March 2018